Book "Data Brokers: Your Data | $1,000,000 | Madness" in perfect bind - signed
Book "Data Brokers: Your Data | $1,000,000 | Madness" in perfect bind - signed

Book "Data Brokers: Your Data | $1,000,000 | Madness" in perfect bind - signed

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1 perfect bind book with 6x9 dimension gloss hard cover.


A man with a heart and a $1,000,000 check is trying to stop Our Information Age from getting very dark and offering a better vision for all.


What would you do with a $1,000,000 check? Damian knows. Damian has a $1,000,000 check in his hands from his investors. He wrote the patent. He put his 10,000 hours. He built the prototypes. He has the team. He is ready. He is going to lead the Global Data Markets. He is going to pay you $20 to $40 a month for your data. But today, all he has to do is go to the bank. That’s it.

Go to the bank and deposit that $1,000,000 check. That is his mission. 

But in this trip to the bank, we see more to Damian. We journey to the wild heart of America. What has Damian seen?  What is Damian thinking? Where has he been? Is Damian an insane criminal or a champion of the people? Together, we rethink our modern realities, experience the contemporary horrors that we hide from, and perhaps a beautiful romance or two. By the end, anybody with a heart, should be yelling “Just get to the bank, Damian. Just get to the bank.”


I was inspired to start this venture when I began to reflect on my experiences with “Big Data.” I had no control of the data that was being collected from me, and I wanted to figure out a way to fix that, especially in this age of technology. I wrote a book mostly based on my experiences, thoughts, and I added fiction in order to anonymize the innocent and not-so innocent. Thus, as a fiction, it was a great way for readers to relate to explain modern topics that are close to all of us. So, close that it is in our phones. Your very phone. Constantly. Who is getting your data? Or is the question really "how many entities are grabbing your data"? Because the government and your network providers are already. Who else?

“Data Brokers: Your Data | $1,000,000 | Madness” is a fictional novel about Damian, a Data Broker, who achieves one of his major goals in life. With a million dollar check in his hands, his only mission left is to deposit the check at the bank. The action adventure begins with his run to the bank which starts to reveal his surreal and unnerving experiences that led him to that very moment—with a million dollar check in his hands. Who is this Data Broker? How did he get involved in the web that is the Information Age?

I wrote this book to introduce people to the mysteries and terrors that is Big Data in the funnest way possible, a fiction. Several professionals have already proclaimed “Data is the New Oil”. But now what? This book answers that question, and generates more questions for the reader: What if “Big Brother” gets his hands on Big Data? How do corporations benefit from Big Data? Personal Privacy? Where is the balance? Is it time to have a person mediating data between all parties? Perhaps a Data Broker? This fictional novel relates to anyone with a phone or anyone who uses technology. It is a book that people could read during their breaks and contemplate on those questions and take action. If you read the book, all I can promise you is a helicopter explosion and a steamy hot romance (Or two), and mind blowing ending.I hope that is enough for you.